Monday, December 29, 2014

6 Reasons Why You Didn't Reach Your Goals in 2014


I haven't achieved my 2014 goals yet.

Wait a minute.

I'm not ready for 2015.

Oh, no - here we go again!

I hate goals.

I always fail at goals.

Why set them when I never reach them?

I am doomed.

Stop setting goals until you know why
you are failing at goal setting.
If any of those statements sound familiar to you, then you need to figure out why you fail at goal setting before you set another goal for the new year.

I am not trying to be a negative ninny. I'm just trying to help you see why you may have failed at reaching your goals in 2014, so that you can succeed in 2015.

Do you want to increase your business in 2015 with more referrals? You can! Pay attention to what it takes.

Here are 6 Reasons Why You Didn't Reach Your Goals in 2014.

Goals fail because you may be...
1.  Creating Non-specific Goals:  A non-specific goal would be something like: I want to make more sales in 2015 or I want to lose weight.
A specific goal would be measurable, reachable and specific.  It would look like this. I want to weigh 130 lbs by June 30th or I want to increase my closed sales by $12,000 by July 15, 2015.
2.  Blaming Others:  Life gets in the way. We all know that, but has your life become an excuse for not reaching your goals? 
Own up to the responsibility of your goals. Fight for your goals! You, and only you, have control over whether you will reach your goals. When you realize that, you can figure out creative ways to success, even when life sends you a few detours.
3. Procrastinating:  Okay, we know that tomorrow is another day and we can do it later. However, later never comes and tomorrow is an illusion. All you have is today.
"Right now" is better than later. Let that be your mantra in 2015. Right now is better than later. Do a little bit or do a lot, but DO SOMETHING today toward reaching your goals.
4. Spreading Yourself Too Thin:  Are you involved in too many things? Too many projects? Newsletters? Blogs? Social Media? Volunteering? 
Understanding that you have a limited amount of time in a day, will empower you to stay focused on what is most important. You may have to back off from starting another project in order to reach your goals. Your goals should be worth being a priority for today. Your goals are worth it!
5. Surrounding Yourself With Negative Influences:  A negative influence could be a person or a habit or a thing. Look around. What's pulling you down?
Become aware of what people and which habits are an energy drain and avoid them as much as possible. This includes watching too much TV. Spend more time with positive uplifting actions and friends. 
6. Not Fighting For Success: At some point, you have to ask yourself, "How bad do I want it?"  Personally, I believe that if a goal is worth setting, it's worth fighting for.  
When you set terrific, measurable, reachable and specific goals they are worth protecting, they are worth sacrificing for and they are worth fighting for. Don't let other people, excuses, procrastination and lack of focus steal your dreams.

Happy New Year and may God knock your socks off with blessing in 2015.

It's time to succeed!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Net-work... not Net-sit or Net-eat

The simple truth is networking works if you work it.

It’s fun to go to your business networking meeting, visit with good friends and have a nice meal. It’s great to have a support group that cheers you on to success.

However, networking is not just about going to a lunch or breakfast, handing out a few cards and waiting for the phone to ring. As a business person, you understand that it takes work to make the phone ring.

The best way to make networking work for you is to follow these few principles:

Stand-up and move: You’re here to give and receive business. Arrive early, stay standing and greet guests and members. It’s net-work, not net-sit. Move around the room and make connections. Don’t be the person who comes in, sits down and hides behind the menu. The first fifteen minutes of most referral groups is usually a very important time of standing, welcoming guests and networking.

Net-work not Net-eat: This is probably not your last meal. The food is not that important. You’re here for the relationships. The menu may not be your favorite and the food might not be perfect, but that is not why you’re here. You are here for business and to form lasting relationships.  Many times the reason a venue is chosen is because the size, location and/or comfort of the room is ideal for networking.  Pay more attention to the meeting than the potatoes.

Visibility: Consistently attend your meetings, do one-to-ones and stay in contact with the members of your group. Make it easy for them to contact you. Have all their numbers programmed into your phone. Stay in touch through Facebook, LinkedIn and social media. Make yourself easy to find.

Credibility: Do the best job you can and deliver honesty and integrity. Be professional, courteous and always return phone calls promptly. Come to the meeting on time and stay until the end. If you volunteer for a leadership position, take it seriously and help make your group a success.

Give referrals: Sincerely look for opportunities to refer the members of your club, chapter or group to others. Take the time to get to know each member so you can easily refer them. Consider using the members for your own business and personal needs.

The WORK in networking brings great rewards.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Secret to Filling Your Calendar in December

Some business people don't consider the Holidays a happy time. In fact, for some, it's the slowest time of the year.

This morning, after a referral group meeting, Matt said to me, "My wife brought it to my attention that this is the first December we've had in years where our calendar is full of jobs." 

Matt has been with Gold Star Referral Clubs for about nine months. He went on the explain that in the tree trimming business, December can be a slow month. But since joining the business networking group, his work has been steady.

The meeting this morning was silly. It was a Christmas Breakfast and we even sang a silly song that one of the members wrote. We had visitors, we laughed and exchanged goodies like cookies and candy.

Toward the end of the meeting, when it's time to invite the visitors to come back, Another member, said something that stuck with me. We were talking about the cost of joining a business networking group, it can run anywhere from free up to about $400 a year. 

The comment was that when you put it into perspective, one color ad could cost $400 or even a $1000 or more. And the life of the ad? Thirty days? Maybe. When does the return on your investment die?

What the member said was this. "Relationships are the ads that last."

Wow! Doesn't that say it all?

If you want to fill your calendar in December, find a great referral group and let those referral relationships fill your calendar.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Why It Pays Not to Quit During the Holidays

Do you hear that sound?

No, it's not jingle bells or even the sound of reindeer on the roof. Pop... pop... pop.

It's the sound of the seams of your budget popping open. The Holiday Season is here.

Every month in Gold Star Referral Clubs there are members who quit. They leave because of job changes, family situations, health challenges and all sorts of reasons, most of them understandable. Many of the reasons make sense - but some don't.

This month, we will see what I call the "knee-jerk" cancellation. That's the member who realizes they haven't saved for the fun... and consequences of the Holiday season. Oops. Might I say, "BIG oops!"

So, the "knee-jerk" reaction is to quit anything that's costing money.

"Cut the marketing budget!" he cries.

It's a quick and easy click to start cancelling, quitting and withdrawing from all the relationships that have fed you business all year long. Stop going to chamber events, stop the business lunches. Drop that - stop this. No more business networking group!

However, slashing long-term referral relationships is one of - dare I say it? - STUPIDEST moves you can make. Maybe, I should soften this a little. Nope. I'm good.

Wouldn't it be better to take the investment you've already made of time, energy and money and use it? Call in favors. Do one-to-ones. Give referrals. Let your business networking group know that you need the work. Ask for referrals.

Your network of friends are there for you all year long. You can count on them especially during the Holidays - the season of giving.

Just the other day I heard a business networker ask her referral group to help her close three more transactions before Christmas. She got a GREAT referral that day.

She said, "Help me help you and let's reach our goals together."  Great idea.

Gary Ryan Blair, the Goals Guy, likes to say - Finish your year strong! I agree. Don't panic and make knee-jerk decisions that you'll regret in January. Stay the course, keep networking and let us know how to help you reach your December goals.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How Important Is The Pickle?

It's the middle of the day, I'm hard at work emptying my email box, making great progress and my son, Ben, sends me a text.

"How important is the pickle"

I text back, "lol... I give. How important is the pickle?"

In three seconds that phone rings. It's Ben - he's laughing.

He asks me, "Do you know how important the pickle is?"

He can't see that I'm shaking my head at this nonsense, "So, tell me."

Ben precedes with a story. Apparently he has a favorite deli that he's been going to for years. He always orders the same sandwich, a club sandwich with mayo. And, according to Ben, it came with a big cold crisp - tart Claussen pickle.

Then, unbeknownst to Ben, the deli sold. So, Ben goes to the deli and he orders his favorite sandwich.

"Mom," he said. "It wasn't that they put mustard on the club instead of mayo and I can even live with the reduced meat, but it was the pickle. The pickle was warm, mushy and a darker color."

Ben asked the employee what happened to the pickle? The employee said, "Yeah, I don't like it either. The new owners are cutting costs."

"Don't they know how important the pickle IS!" Ben exclaimed.

I'm laughing at Ben's story as he continues.

"Then, I went back a few weeks later, thinking I'd give them another shot and what do you know, there was my big cold crisp Claussen pickle back. Sometimes the pickle makes the difference."

I love Ben's stories, they make my day. This one, about the pickle though, it really got me thinking.

Do I have something, a feature perhaps, that to clients could signify the "pickle" of my business? How important is this pickle? Do I even know what it is?

I might not own a deli, but like most businesses, there are unique features to our services. I would think that most businesses and industries have something that they offer that might be their equivalent of "the pickle."

As business owners, I think we need to be aware that everything counts. Before we make hasty changes to our "pickle", (whatever that might be), we should make sure that our customers won't leave because of it. How do we do that? A customer survey would certainly be a good idea or a beta test group before permanent changes are made.

Which leaves me with the question... yes, you know it's coming... How important is YOUR pickle?

You Never Know Who They Know

I walked into the office and Teresa, our office manager said, "Todd has big news."

I heard Todd's big DJ voice say, "Hey Babe! Come back to my office." (Babe was my nickname growing up.)

I walked into his office. He was grinning from ear to ear.

"I just heard from Jay and he got one of the biggest referrals ever. It could mean big bucks for him and his company. And you know what? It came from Terry, who sells Mary Kay. You just never know who they know, do you?"

The reason he said that is that sometimes you will meet a business networker with,  (How do I put this?) - an elitist attitude. That is the business person who walks into a business networking event and before they are ten feet in, they've mentally separated folks into groups. One group being worthy of giving attention to and the other not. They're only interested in relationships that, on the service, look profitable.

Perhaps you know someone who does that. And I can understand their logic. It only seems to make sense that the big-wigs, the CEOs, the decision-makers and the owners are the best people to talk to.

BUT, if I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times. You never know who they know.

One of the things that I love about having a Go-Giver attitude is that the reward starts with the giving. (Read The Go-Giver, co-authored by Bob Burg and John David Mann. It's a game-changer.)

Jay, who got the huge referral for more business, determined early on that his influence within the room was determined by how abundantly he placed the interests of others first. He comes across as a quiet and humble person with an easy smile. He enjoys visiting with everyone, not just the "movers and shakers."

As a result, it was very easy for Terry, the sweet homemaker, Mom and Mary Kay representative, to give him a referral... a very profitable referral. A huge one - on the scale of 1-10, for Jay, this is a 12.

Years ago, we had a business woman visit one of our networking groups and she sat next to a young woman that was new in her business, After the meeting, the business woman told me that she wouldn't be back because it was a waste of her time. She said that she really needed to get in front of the CEOs and decision-makers, not just small business owners.

I didn't say it, but I thought, "That is too funny."  You see, the young woman that she sat next to - her daddy was in the upper management of one of the largest and most influential corporations in Tulsa.

You just never know. It pays to give. In Jay's case, it paid to give equal time, attention and respect.

Referring back to my favorite book, The Go-Giver, the most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself. And then, sometimes out of left field, comes the most wonderful - and profitable - blessings.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Where's The Beef in Your Tagline?

According to Eric Swartz, president of Tagline Guru, “Advertising slogans have a glorious history and have exercised a profound influence on what we think and how we speak. For better or worse, taglines and jingles have  become some of the most well-known and oft-quoted sound bites of our culture.”

There is a great way to help your fellow Gold Star Club members or business networking friends remember to refer you. A tagline makes you stand apart from your competition.

Taglines are memory hooks that help us, not only remember you but they also give us quick insight about you and your product or service.

Years and years ago, my husband Todd and I were a real estate agents. Our tagline was "Large or Small, we sell them all." Our dog groomer stole the idea (with permission) and changed it to "Large or Small, I groom them all."

A friend of mine owns a Heat & Air company and his tagline is "If your wife is HOT, call me." (Of course, he's referring to fixing the air conditioner.)

One of the home cleaning services in Gold Star uses this tagline, "Don't move - clean your house."

Swartz continues:  “If a slogan is repeated, imitated, or parodied often enough, it  eventually becomes part of our collective consciousness and takes on a  life of its own,” 

Swartz says. Slogans that achieve this level of notoriety typically have broken new ground, whether it’s in their use of :

· grammar (Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee),
· rhythm (The quicker picker-upper)
· rhyme (Don’t get mad, get GLAD),
· inflection (They’re gr-r-r-eat!)
· attitude (The few, the proud, the Marines),
· ulterior meaning  (Nothing comes between me and my Calvins
· metaphor (This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?),  
· positioning (The uncola)

 So, where’s the beef in YOUR 60 Second Presentation? has a list of the Most Influential Taglines and Jingles in the TV and Internet Era. They might inspire you to create a tagline that is unique for your business and your business presentations.

(Much of this information on taglines was taken from

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Phases of a Business Networking Group

Networking groups go through growth phases.  Here are four growth phases that we see in Gold Star Referral Clubs.

Identify where YOUR business networking group is at.

1. New - Under 15 Growth Stage:  In this phase, the group is adding new members and learning how to network. Everyone is inviting guests. Members are upbeat, positive and excited. The group is in start-up mode.  It is extremely important for ALL the members to invite and to get the attendee numbers up to at least fifteen or twenty as fast as possible.

2. The Coasting Stage:  This phase can creep up on a group over time. It's when complacency sets in.  The group may have any number of members, it may be large or small, but for some reason, the enthusiasm is down. Some referrals are being passed, but each week, it's less and less. Without realizing it, the group could be coasting on past energy. The danger is that they may stray from the agenda, members start to nitpick about the food or the time of the meeting, and members are not inviting guests as much.  A few problems like absenteeism may show up, which frustrates the members who always attend. 

In the Coasting Stage, the group will lose members, and could even fold, if they don’t take charge. Many times, in this stage, it can be hard to get anyone to lead the group because everyone wants to sit on the sidelines. The way out of this dangerous stage is to get all the members behind a new goal and invite guests. I suggest a new "kick-butt" leader and a big Visitor's Day event.

3. Back to Growth or The "Take Charge" Stage:  In this phase, the group has chosen to take charge and do whatever it takes to have a great experience and to keep growing. Fully engaged membership energizes the group, increases referrals, and attracts visitors. Strong leadership inspires the members and everyone steps up to the responsibility of inviting guests. Visitors easily convert into members and are the first to invite more guests.

4. "We Own This!" A Healthy and Mature Group:  When the members have taken responsibility for their group, they have taken ownership of it’s success. With time, deep relationships and business alliances will form between the members. They will go above and beyond for each other, giving exceptional value. Weekly referrals can be impressive and it's easy to see that this group will be around for years and years to come. Some of the members will even boast that 90% of their business comes from referrals. 

Not every group matures in the same way and some phases may be entirely skipped. The Coasting Stage is the most dangerous.  However, once a Club takes ownership and it’s members form deep relationships, the success of the business networking group is easily seen with increased business and referrals.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Trick or Treat - Your Business Costume

“Just like film costumes, well-chosen clothes can conceal figure flaws, elevate your mood, and affect how you stand, sit, and walk.”   - by Patricia Fripp - National Speaker Association

When Halloween comes around , we look forward to seeing children in imaginative costumes pretending to be unique characters for fun and “trick or treats”.

As business networkers and professionals, you could say that we also have our costumes. Our dress reflects how we want to be perceived by our peers and our clients.

In a article written by Patricia Fripp, she said:

Before you open your mouth, your appearance speaks for you. How you dress affects how others perceive you and how you perceive yourself. Once people get to know you, they may change their opinion of you despite how you look, but why risk it? Make it easy for them.

In Gold Star Referral Clubs, you learn that a part of your strategy is to be seen as a person that others can know, like and trust. We want to be able to proudly refer you to others, without worrying about how you will look when you meet the referred customer.

Should everyone dress in a suit or wear a tie? No, that’s not necessary or even realistic.

Here are some basic tips for good networking dress:

1. Clean and modest attire
2. Slacks, not shorts
3. Clothing that is free of stains, holes and wrinkles.
4. Your clothing should fit, not too big or too small.
5. Men should wear a shirt with a collar.
6. Shoes are better than sandals or flip flops.
7. Well-groomed hair and nails.

“Dress as if you’re about to be referred to your next client.”
                                                        Todd Davis, Co-founder of Gold Star

Parts of this blog was adapted from an article by Patricia Fripp, Author, keynote speaker and coach.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Referrals Have No Boundaries

Recently, I was reminded by one of our Gold Star Referral Club members that referrals have no boundaries.

That's a pretty simple philosophy but not as simple to grasp as you may think.

For instance, I have a cousin in El Paso, Texas and when we were visiting during a family reunion, I realized that there are many businesses within Gold Star that can serve a national or even worldwide customer.

Here are some great examples of industries and services without boundaries:

1. Professional Speakers who travel to speak
2. Website designers
3. Direct sales distributors and representatives who represent companies like; Mary Kay, Legal Services, LifeAdvantage, Send Out Cards etc.
4. Logo designers
5. Business Consultants
6. Copy Writers
7. Some attorneys
8. Financial Consultants
9. Mortgage lenders
10. Some banks

Those are just a few businesses that are happy to receive out of town referrals. Isn't this fun!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Over-Booked By Referrals

It's about 3:30 in the afternoon. I was just visiting with my husband Todd, the National Director of Gold Star Referral Clubs. I kicked back in the over-stuffed chair across from his desk and said,

"Honey... How's your day going?"

Naturally, the conversation gravitated toward the three different networking meetings that we went to today.

Todd commented that Jerry, with Banker Heating and Air, just got $7000 in referred business last week and about another $6000 this week.

"Didn't we refer him to someone this morning with two houses that needed heat and air service?"  I asked.

Todd replied, "He's getting over-booked with referrals."

"WOW! That is so cool - I've got to blog about that!"  So, here I am sharing this with you. Can you believe that some people actually get over-booked by referrals?

Yesterday, I spoke at a networking event in front of about a hundred people. I told a story about a Realtor that receives at least 90% of his business from referrals. When I finished with the story, a Gold Star member, who owns a company that does background checks, raised his hand and said, "Me too!"

I said all that to say this...

It's not just pie-in-the-sky or big talk. You can develop a referral system where people will gladly and continually refer business to you. It's not some far-fetched unattainable business ideal.

Does it take some work and strategy? Yes, it does. However, with a little guidance and some determination you can build your business on referrals.

Monday, September 15, 2014

5 Things Jealousy Won't Do

Recently my cousin, Suzie, who I haven't seen in about ten years, called to say that she and her daughters were at a Tulsa hotel due to an emergency landing. Their private plane blew out a window at 21,000 feet causing Suzie to have to dive 4,000 feet a minute in order to get down to air with oxygen so they wouldn't fall asleep, crash and burn.

But as interesting as that is... that is not what this is about.

The real reason I'm writing this is because after two glasses of Chardonnay, I finally confessed to Suzie, that growing up, I was jealous of her and that it had caused me to distance myself from her and her family.

Here's the kicker, it wasn't because she married a millionaire, has three airplanes, and used to be Mayor of  El Paso. Although, some could be jealous of all her success, I thought that was pretty cool on her part. (Way to go, Suzie!)

I was jealous because I thought my Dad, (Uncle Oscar to Suzie), loved her more. He loved to brag about Suzie, tease her and she even moved in with us for awhile. You know what Suzie said?

"You have to be kidding, I was jealous of YOU! I thought my dad, (who was Uncle Johnny to me), loved you more." You could have blown me over with a feather. Who knew?

We forgave, laughed, and hugged and then reminisced about all the good times we had with our fathers. However, I realized that we both had missed a lot of good times because of our stupid jealousies.

Known as the "ugly green-eyed monster", jealousy will steal your good times and even harm your business.

5 Things Jealousy Won't Do for you:
  1. It won't bring joy or value. 
  2. It won't allow you to serve that person in love or kindness.
  3. It won't allow you to live abundantly with that person or to place their interests first.
  4. It won't allow you to be authentic because you hide yourself from them.
  5. It won't allow you to stay open to graciously receiving from that person.
I look forward to getting together with Suzie again real soon and I hope that this confession will help you take a look at any area in your life where jealousy is stealing love and prosperity.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Are You Ready to Become a Referral Magnet?

Every business person's dream is to have an army of walking ambassadors eager to refer to them. We yearn for committed, reliable and consistent business partners that will recommend us to clients.

Yet, for most business people, there is no one in line - eagerly waiting to send them new leads. 

Referrals come as a free will offering; they aren't something that you can demand or manipulate from people. Although, you may be able to bribe a few clients with rewards. But for the most part, referral sources give you new business because they like you, like what you're selling and they want someone else to benefit from it.

Are you ready to become a referral magnet? Ask yourself these 6 questions: 

1. What is my level of commitment to giving every client tremendous value? 
This is extremely important, because if you aren't committed to excellence, you are defeating yourself before you even start. Discover the Go-Giver way to unleash value and profit.
2. Do you believe in your product / service?
Do you believe in what you're selling? This is one of the first steps in referral marketing. If you don't believe it, why should they? However, when you are absolutely sure that what you offer has great value than much of your hesitation about asking for and receiving referrals will disappear.
3. What is my system for giving and receiving referrals?
It's like putting out a rain barrel. How can you expect to collect referral partners and catch a downpour of referrals if you don't have anything in place? It's critical that you take some time to develop a plan. 
4. Am I willing to work at giving and getting referrals?
There is a misguided notion that referral marketing is easy. A good referral marketing system needs goals and action. You will have to apply yourself. Are you willing to do that? To go to meetings? To network? To learn the skills?
5. Am I aware of the opportunities around me?
You are always standing in the middle of a referral opportunity; either to give one or to receive one. It is necessary to become more aware of what is around you all day long. Become more aware of how you can form relationships, what events are happening this week and how to connect with your clients. 
6. Am I willing to take the initiative?
Arthur Ashe, a world renowned professional tennis player said, "Start where you are at. Use what you have. Do what you can." You can become the person who is eager to help others around you and to give referrals. When you take the initiative, others will duplicate your actions.
Most people don't realize that they have untapped potential to grow their business with referrals. 

Start today by becoming fully engaged. Lean into action, not away from it. When you embrace responsibility for your own referral system and don't avoid it, I promise that you will see amazing results.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Your Unforgettable 60 Seconds

Make your sixty seconds count.

As a business person, you will have many opportunities to introduce people to your business with a sixty second presentation.  You may be at a networking event, in a referral meeting or at a Chamber luncheon. It’s a great time to create a solid connection.

A good sixty second presentation may be remembered for days, weeks, months and even years. An unforgettable tagline or story can make the difference between getting a referral and not getting a referral.

Inspire them with a story about a successful solution or happy client. People will remember the stories you tell long after they have forgotten everything else you said.

Sixty second presentations, when geared toward increasing your business with referrals, are NOT commercials for your business. Turn your 60 seconds into a friendly presentation.

A referral-specific sixty second presentation will:

  • Introduce the speaker’s business in a memorable way.
  • Give a concise description of the business and/or service, when not self-explanatory.
  • Specifically identify what kind of client they have a solution for.
  • Stimulate, motivate and educate with memorable stories.
  • Will train the listener how to refer you. 
Here is an example of what to say when someone shakes your hand at an event and says, "So what do you do?"
 "I’m Suzie Smith with Virtual Office, your Assistance from a distance, offering office support for everything you need.
In fact, yesterday, a customer of mine called and said, “Suzie, I hated my desk! But since you've been doing my newsletter, email campaigns and balancing my checkbook, I’m spending more time in front of clients… where I should be.”

So that is what I do. I help business people who are slumped over their desk in frustration or overwhelmed with work. Please feel free to give them my card and ask if I can call them. Then, call, text or email me their information so I can contact them right away. I’m available to help."
In this example, Suzie used the story about an existing client to show what she does and how it solved a problem.

Then she helped us visualize what to look for; someone slumped over their desk in frustration. That’s was our cue. When we see that, we can approach them and give them Suzie’s card.

Here is another example.

David represented a non-profit hospice care organization. He struggled with the part of the meeting where he had to give a sixty second presentation. He never knew what to say and bumbled through it by listing the services that the hospice offered. He asked me to help. I suggested that he seek to lift the listener with inspirational stories.

The next week he told a short story during his 60 second presentation time in his networking group.
“I helped an end-of-life patient record all her family recipes.” He said.  “At her funeral, everyone received a copy and the family expressed that working on that book filled her last months with happiness and joy.”
It was an unusual presentation, but I’ll never forget it, nor will I ever forget what a wonderful thing he did for that patient. In my mind, I decided that David was an alright kind of guy.

After that, David continued to tell us stories about inspiring patient experiences and those stories brought him referrals.

Practice telling a thirty second story where your business, service or product is the star.

Then, request the referral by saying:

"When you see                   (situation/problem/condition), please give them my card and ask if I may call them because my                     can solve this problem."


“The next time you hear                            . Ask if we can call them to set up a consultation.”