Thursday, August 3, 2017

Focus on Membership Retention

Never underestimate the value of a member.
Your Retention Strategy for your business networking group members starts on DAY ONE! 

You are establishing a silent agreement with that each member - a value exchange on the first day they join your group.

That agreement says, "I will work hard at creating a valuable way for you to get more business with referrals... and in exchange, I would like you to continue to be a valuable member."

When you form a new relationship, it is often energized by the discovery of getting to know them. That's the easiest part of any relationship.

It becomes harder after the "bloom falls off", when you have to work at keeping and growing the relationship

Once blooms finish flowering on an orchid, they fall off plants to leave bare stems in their place. Proper plant care after flowering determines the continued health of orchids and ensures future blooms.

Once the bloom falls off a new relationship you need to work on the continued health of that relationship in order to retain that member in your referral group. At Gold Star Referral Clubs, one way we spend time with our members and get to know them is by doing one-to-ones. 

Consistently nurturing the health of each individual member's relationship with you and with the Club is the best Retention Strategy. You can do that with intentional times of connection, conversation, acknowledgement and recognition in your meetings and outside of them as well.

Best of Success,