Monday, October 6, 2014

Trick or Treat - Your Business Costume

“Just like film costumes, well-chosen clothes can conceal figure flaws, elevate your mood, and affect how you stand, sit, and walk.”   - by Patricia Fripp - National Speaker Association

When Halloween comes around , we look forward to seeing children in imaginative costumes pretending to be unique characters for fun and “trick or treats”.

As business networkers and professionals, you could say that we also have our costumes. Our dress reflects how we want to be perceived by our peers and our clients.

In a article written by Patricia Fripp, she said:

Before you open your mouth, your appearance speaks for you. How you dress affects how others perceive you and how you perceive yourself. Once people get to know you, they may change their opinion of you despite how you look, but why risk it? Make it easy for them.

In Gold Star Referral Clubs, you learn that a part of your strategy is to be seen as a person that others can know, like and trust. We want to be able to proudly refer you to others, without worrying about how you will look when you meet the referred customer.

Should everyone dress in a suit or wear a tie? No, that’s not necessary or even realistic.

Here are some basic tips for good networking dress:

1. Clean and modest attire
2. Slacks, not shorts
3. Clothing that is free of stains, holes and wrinkles.
4. Your clothing should fit, not too big or too small.
5. Men should wear a shirt with a collar.
6. Shoes are better than sandals or flip flops.
7. Well-groomed hair and nails.

“Dress as if you’re about to be referred to your next client.”
                                                        Todd Davis, Co-founder of Gold Star

Parts of this blog was adapted from an article by Patricia Fripp, Author, keynote speaker and coach.

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