Monday, December 1, 2014

Why It Pays Not to Quit During the Holidays

Do you hear that sound?

No, it's not jingle bells or even the sound of reindeer on the roof. Pop... pop... pop.

It's the sound of the seams of your budget popping open. The Holiday Season is here.

Every month in Gold Star Referral Clubs there are members who quit. They leave because of job changes, family situations, health challenges and all sorts of reasons, most of them understandable. Many of the reasons make sense - but some don't.

This month, we will see what I call the "knee-jerk" cancellation. That's the member who realizes they haven't saved for the fun... and consequences of the Holiday season. Oops. Might I say, "BIG oops!"

So, the "knee-jerk" reaction is to quit anything that's costing money.

"Cut the marketing budget!" he cries.

It's a quick and easy click to start cancelling, quitting and withdrawing from all the relationships that have fed you business all year long. Stop going to chamber events, stop the business lunches. Drop that - stop this. No more business networking group!

However, slashing long-term referral relationships is one of - dare I say it? - STUPIDEST moves you can make. Maybe, I should soften this a little. Nope. I'm good.

Wouldn't it be better to take the investment you've already made of time, energy and money and use it? Call in favors. Do one-to-ones. Give referrals. Let your business networking group know that you need the work. Ask for referrals.

Your network of friends are there for you all year long. You can count on them especially during the Holidays - the season of giving.

Just the other day I heard a business networker ask her referral group to help her close three more transactions before Christmas. She got a GREAT referral that day.

She said, "Help me help you and let's reach our goals together."  Great idea.

Gary Ryan Blair, the Goals Guy, likes to say - Finish your year strong! I agree. Don't panic and make knee-jerk decisions that you'll regret in January. Stay the course, keep networking and let us know how to help you reach your December goals.

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