Monday, January 5, 2015

Measure For Motivation

Yogi Berra

"If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else.” 

Well said by Yogi Berra, Hall of Fame American Major League Baseball player and famous coach, who pushed his teams to success. He trained them to set goals and to measure their progress. That kept them on track, focused and motivated to do better.

Why spend time tracking your progress in business? Tracking referrals?

Tracking and measuring your business growth, your referrals and closed sales can seem time-consuming and unnecessary. 

However, the time invested in tracking and measuring your progress is repaid with the driving power to do more. One of the reasons you measure is for motivation. It motivates you... and others.

In Gold Star Referral Clubs, we measure how many referrals have been passed and what referral dollars were earned on closed business. This proves that Gold Star works and it motivates us and our visitors. Our groups do millions of dollars a year in business through referrals that they give to each other.

Cory Best, a Gold Star Regional Director in Ohio, recently sent me an email about his referral club in Powell, OH with 21 members. They keep track of how much business they get from referrals.

He said:

This group exchanged 988 referrals and $487,176.42 in business in 2014.  Here is what some of the members said in 2014:
"This group accounted for $16,364.00 worth of business and could have not had the success without these people in this group"
"Gold Star allowed us to have 6 real estate closings worth $44,000.00, I believe the small investment to be part of this is well worth it"
"Our group accounted for just slightly more then $24,000 in revenue for me.  Gold Star is a major part of my marketing plan and it accounts for 1/5 of my annual production"
"Over 30% of my annual sales are attributable to Gold Star in 2014".


I get motivated when I hear how well businesses do in Gold Star and I'm sure that it motivates them also.

This year, set goals for how you want to grow your business with referrals and track the progress of your referral pipeline. You will be amazed how inspiring it is to actually see the success you can have.

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