Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Are You Ready to Become a Referral Magnet?

Every business person's dream is to have an army of walking ambassadors eager to refer to them. We yearn for committed, reliable and consistent business partners that will recommend us to clients.

Yet, for most business people, there is no one in line - eagerly waiting to send them new leads. 

Referrals come as a free will offering; they aren't something that you can demand or manipulate from people. Although, you may be able to bribe a few clients with rewards. But for the most part, referral sources give you new business because they like you, like what you're selling and they want someone else to benefit from it.

Are you ready to become a referral magnet? Ask yourself these 6 questions: 

1. What is my level of commitment to giving every client tremendous value? 
This is extremely important, because if you aren't committed to excellence, you are defeating yourself before you even start. Discover the Go-Giver way to unleash value and profit.
2. Do you believe in your product / service?
Do you believe in what you're selling? This is one of the first steps in referral marketing. If you don't believe it, why should they? However, when you are absolutely sure that what you offer has great value than much of your hesitation about asking for and receiving referrals will disappear.
3. What is my system for giving and receiving referrals?
It's like putting out a rain barrel. How can you expect to collect referral partners and catch a downpour of referrals if you don't have anything in place? It's critical that you take some time to develop a plan. 
4. Am I willing to work at giving and getting referrals?
There is a misguided notion that referral marketing is easy. A good referral marketing system needs goals and action. You will have to apply yourself. Are you willing to do that? To go to meetings? To network? To learn the skills?
5. Am I aware of the opportunities around me?
You are always standing in the middle of a referral opportunity; either to give one or to receive one. It is necessary to become more aware of what is around you all day long. Become more aware of how you can form relationships, what events are happening this week and how to connect with your clients. 
6. Am I willing to take the initiative?
Arthur Ashe, a world renowned professional tennis player said, "Start where you are at. Use what you have. Do what you can." You can become the person who is eager to help others around you and to give referrals. When you take the initiative, others will duplicate your actions.
Most people don't realize that they have untapped potential to grow their business with referrals. 

Start today by becoming fully engaged. Lean into action, not away from it. When you embrace responsibility for your own referral system and don't avoid it, I promise that you will see amazing results.

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