Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Engaging Your Business Networking Members

The lazy, crazy, hazy days of Summer is here. All of us are busy with family, vacations and summer chores. During the hot days of Summer, you may find that the members in your business networking group are struggling to stay engaged.

Here are some helpful tips on how to get members to engage in the Summer:

  1. Have a Social of some kind. Tighten up on friendships by having a little fun. Perhaps a get together at someone's house or a BBQ at a water park. Be creative and re-connect.
  2. Pick a different seat. As members and guests arrive at your next meeting, ask them to sit in a seat that isn't at the table they usually sit at.
  3. Have a Shoes & Underwear week. Invite all the members to bring a good pair of used shoes (or new) and packages of only NEW underwear to the meeting. Fill up a huge box and give it to your local homeless shelter or favorite charity.
  4. BE A STAR! Go to a party store and buy big shiny gold stars. Have your Gold Star Referral Club members take a selfie of them in front of a local business or site holding the star. Or the Grand Canyon.

Have a great Summer!
Beth Davis