Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Where's The Beef in Your Tagline?

According to Eric Swartz, president of Tagline Guru, “Advertising slogans have a glorious history and have exercised a profound influence on what we think and how we speak. For better or worse, taglines and jingles have  become some of the most well-known and oft-quoted sound bites of our culture.”

There is a great way to help your fellow Gold Star Club members or business networking friends remember to refer you. A tagline makes you stand apart from your competition.

Taglines are memory hooks that help us, not only remember you but they also give us quick insight about you and your product or service.

Years and years ago, my husband Todd and I were a real estate agents. Our tagline was "Large or Small, we sell them all." Our dog groomer stole the idea (with permission) and changed it to "Large or Small, I groom them all."

A friend of mine owns a Heat & Air company and his tagline is "If your wife is HOT, call me." (Of course, he's referring to fixing the air conditioner.)

One of the home cleaning services in Gold Star uses this tagline, "Don't move - clean your house."

Swartz continues:  “If a slogan is repeated, imitated, or parodied often enough, it  eventually becomes part of our collective consciousness and takes on a  life of its own,” 

Swartz says. Slogans that achieve this level of notoriety typically have broken new ground, whether it’s in their use of :

· grammar (Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee),
· rhythm (The quicker picker-upper)
· rhyme (Don’t get mad, get GLAD),
· inflection (They’re gr-r-r-eat!)
· attitude (The few, the proud, the Marines),
· ulterior meaning  (Nothing comes between me and my Calvins
· metaphor (This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?),  
· positioning (The uncola)

 So, where’s the beef in YOUR 60 Second Presentation?

TaglineGuru.com has a list of the Most Influential Taglines and Jingles in the TV and Internet Era. They might inspire you to create a tagline that is unique for your business and your business presentations.

(Much of this information on taglines was taken from TaglineGuru.com)

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