Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Make More Money by Creating a Referral System

Every business person (or those serious about making money) should develop a system for giving referrals. 
Yes, GIVING referrals.
Brent, an insurance agent and Gold Star Referral Club member since 2007, said: 
An Insurance Agent in a business networking group can lead the way with referrals because we talk to so many people. 
Our best system is when we meet with customers for bi-annual reviews.  Financial Advisers, Realtors, Attorneys and Accountants could also develop a similar system.
When we visit with our clients, we ask the following questions:
1. Do you have a monitored alarm system?  (Alarm system referral)
2. Tell me about your Health Insurance plan?  (Health insurance referral )
3. Do you have a Will in place?    (Referral for an attorney)
4. Do you like your accountant?    (A Referral for an accountant)
5. For Business Owners, we ask:
a. How is your website traffic working out?  (Website design or SEO referral)
b. Tell me about your retirement plan?  (A referral for the Financial Adviser)

Here are some referral generating statements that just about anyone can use:
"If you need someone for plumbing, electrical or HVAC, we want you to know that we can recommend a few companies we know, like and trust."
"I don’t just let anyone touch my computer (tutor my kids, repair my car etc.), could I refer someone to you?"
"If you need someone to help you in your business, let me know, I know some great people and you don’t want to go with a stranger."
"Consider me your go-to-guy (or gal or person) when you need to find someone to help with…"
"No problem, I know a guy (or gal) who can help."


When a business professional joins www.GoldStarClubs.com, we help them grow their business by demonstrating how to be a Go-Giver first, which sometimes means giving THAN receiving.

What a great way to strengthen a business relationship!

My friend, Bob Burg, author of Endless Referrals, likes to say that the GOLDEN RULE OF NETWORKING is:
"All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like and trust."
You want to make more money with a successful referral system? Start with creating a way... a systematic way, to refer to business people that you know, like and trust. 

And in return - they will refer to you. It's amazing and rewarding to see how this works out to be in the best interest of everyone involved - the giver, the receiver AND the client. Everyone wins!

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