Tuesday, August 26, 2014

10 Quick Networking No No's

Here are some quick networking NO NO'S to avoid when attending a business or chamber event. 

  1. Interrupting conversations in order to introduce yourself.
  2. Meeting people just to get their business card so you can spam them later.
  3. Talking fast and listening last.
  4. Name dropping to impress.
  5. Looking over someone's shoulder while they're speaking in order to target your next victim.
  6. Trying to sell your product or service on the spot.
  7. Bad-mouthing your competition.
  8. Giving unasked for business advice.
  9. Going after the food like you haven't eaten in days.
  10. Being fake, obnoxious or annoying.
Networking is a skill that any business person can learn. If done right, it can be fun and very profitable. If done wrong, it can be a miserable experience for everyone.

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