Thursday, October 2, 2014

Referrals Have No Boundaries

Recently, I was reminded by one of our Gold Star Referral Club members that referrals have no boundaries.

That's a pretty simple philosophy but not as simple to grasp as you may think.

For instance, I have a cousin in El Paso, Texas and when we were visiting during a family reunion, I realized that there are many businesses within Gold Star that can serve a national or even worldwide customer.

Here are some great examples of industries and services without boundaries:

1. Professional Speakers who travel to speak
2. Website designers
3. Direct sales distributors and representatives who represent companies like; Mary Kay, Legal Services, LifeAdvantage, Send Out Cards etc.
4. Logo designers
5. Business Consultants
6. Copy Writers
7. Some attorneys
8. Financial Consultants
9. Mortgage lenders
10. Some banks

Those are just a few businesses that are happy to receive out of town referrals. Isn't this fun!

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