Monday, February 2, 2015

Referrals Are More Than Frosting

Now is the time to plan! 

You can have your cake and eat it too! Or should I say that referrals are more than just frosting?

When some business people get a referral, it's like frosting on the cake. But my question is - why can't referrals be the whole cake?

Most companies want referrals. However,wishes and wants will never come true if you sit on your thumbs with nothing to do. 

You need a plan. A mastermind strategy that includes your whole team, office or staff.

Clients don’t come any better than by referral. Referrals cost less to create (aside from your time) and usually bring in the most qualified and desirable clients.

Your referral strategy is important and your team can help you create it. Brainstorm with them about how to focus on referrals. 

Here are five keys to planning a good referral strategy for your business:
  1. Focus on ways to maintain a "Referral Mindset" all the time.
  2. Identify which industries would be good referral sources for your company.
  3. Brainstorm about possible incentives and motivation.
  4. Create promotional material or even an email series that embraces your strategy.
  5. Plan unique ways to thank and care for your valuable referral sources. 

Whatever your strategy, begin to align your services, products and marketing more closely to serving your client and referral sources with excellence.  The best referral sources are those that are well-served and appreciated. 

Plan your mastermind brainstorming session today and make referrals a bigger slice of your business.

Beth Davis is a keynote speaker, author of 3 Ways to Referral Success and CEO of Gold Star Referral Clubs. She is a certified Go-Giver Coach and Speaker with the Bob Burg organization.

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