Monday, January 26, 2015

8 Tips for More Client Referrals

“The system is the solution,”  says Joe Stumpf,  of “By Referral Only” fame.  
A good system opens doors to client referrals.

Building your business by referrals is both a  philosophy and a mindset.

Gold Star Referral Clubs, can be part of your system to generate referrals, now look at what else you can do to increase referrals with your customers and clients.

What's your referral marketing strategy? Do you have a system in place?

8 Tips For More Client Referrals:

1. Don’t wait to create a plan to increase your business by referrals. Write down your plan and follow it. Share it with your staff on a regular basis and keep everyone engaged with rewards, contests and appreciation.

2. Connect with your clients with permission-based emails with social media.  Share news, photos, value, education and humor. Consider blogging.

3. Invite past clients to at least one event a year, for example, you can invite them to join you at a Chamber event, Festival, or Charity event. You might consider a Client Open House with great food and fun.

4. Deliver what you promise when you promise it, and deliver superior value to your clients. Address complaints immediately and professionally with remarkable customer service.

5. Don't wait until your pipeline dries up to look for referrals. Have a 12 month plan and put it into place for a consistent stream of high quality referrals.

6. Proactively refer clients to other quality business people that you know, like and trust. Let those businesses know that you referred them to a client and you'd appreciate the same. Your clients will appreciate being referred to quality services. It shows that you care.

7. Create a referral reward program for your clients. Think of some type of reward or recognition for anyone they refer to you

8. Recognize and thank your referral sources. This could be with a simple phone call, email, or even better, a handwritten note. You'll encourage MORE referrals when you're generous with appreciation.

REMEMBER, referred clients are more likely to refer their family and friends to you because they already understand and trust the process.

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