Thursday, June 15, 2017

Referral Seeds Guarantee a Harvest

Antonio Delacerda
When Antonio with A-Team Plumbing, joined Broken Arrow Gold Star Referral Club in 2014, he really didn't know what to expect. Maybe a few jobs here and there.

However, every time he stood up and gave his 60 Second Presentation, it was like planting a little referral seed in very rich soil.  He tried to never miss a meeting. 

Today, he can say that the full harvest is in. Three years of planting referral seeds as brought him so much business that he has to give some away to other plumbers. That is a true Go-Giver! 

Joe Stumph likes to use these Magic Words when planting a referral seed:
Magic Words
"Isn’t nice to know you now have a friend in the business who you can feel comfortable introducing your family, friends and neighbors to help them with what they want?"
Here are a few more ways to plant referral seeds in your business networking group:

  1. Let your referral friends know that you are always happy to take their call.
  2. Let your clients and business friends know that you enjoy working with referrals.
  3. Bill Cates, The Referral Coach says: Give them a couple of your business cards to carry. Tell them, "One is for you in case any questions come up. The other is for a friend who might want to learn more about how my work might benefit them."
  4. When meeting a client tell them who referred you and how thankful you are.
  5. Promptly send a thank you for referrals given.
When you consistently plant referral seeds, you are guaranteed a harvest of business. 

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